Change we need to improve Trade sales

Behind any change, they have a hidden motive. The different motives, the decision to change a huge difference and change the outcome itself.

American New Year has passed, in most American people’s psychological, work began in earnest in the new year. In this new year, you ready for change?

Maybe everyone in summary or last year’s plan, the all wrote what to do this year, including of course to make the change, but you have to wonder whether that was what motivated some changes?

Reseller is the ultimate buyer for Feather Flags manufacturer

See this topic, many people will shake their heads: Feather Flag manufacturer’s ultimate customer is the consumer, of course! However, the view in this paper is the opposite: the Feather Flag manufacturer’s ultimate customer is only dealers. Establish a new point of view, for most Feather Flag manufacturers is concerned, a very far-reaching significance and cognitive value.

Why do we struggle with

For a long time, Feather Flag manufacturers regarded as ultimate consumer customers, the dealers as a channel that is a transit point, the results of their marketing front becomes longer, from the dealer to the second groups and even the three batches of business, four batches providers, to retailers, to consumers.

From online advertising planning, communication, communication, the next line of various sales promotion and incentive, deeper and deeper into the “marketing trap.” That there has been such a strange phenomenon, on the one hand because the Feather Flag manufacturer (website) profits are being swallowed “variety” of marketing and complain incessantly; the one hand, the marketing consultants out increasingly complex “prescription”, involving dozens of aspects of the “complete marketing system.

” Since marketing no “border”, the Feather Flag manufacturer has been unable to resist the endless stream of marketing services: policy development around channels, customer intelligence consolidate maintenance of the distribution system set up, orders, etc. will be held around the end of the packaging, special displays, shopping guide, etc., around consumption by education, guidance, free to experience and try.

Marketing experts in marketing theory among themselves “comprehensive” and “systemic” Competition in the proposed integration and systems marketing tools, people seem very reasonable, but the operation is more difficult, even if the enterprise a versatile, can all join together to “execute”, the result is less investment and more output, more and more enterprise resource depletion.