Change we need to improve Trade sales

Behind any change, they have a hidden motive. The different motives, the decision to change a huge difference and change the outcome itself.

American New Year has passed, in most American people’s psychological, work began in earnest in the new year. In this new year, you ready for change?

Maybe everyone in summary or last year’s plan, the all wrote what to do this year, including of course to make the change, but you have to wonder whether that was what motivated some changes?

Motivation to change, there is passive, but also active. Passive change, often because of stress or pressure superior performance. This time, you have to make some changes in the attitude and actions to cope with stress or practice, to make their own “tricks” As for whether it changes, and how they change, it is “time to say it.” The initiative to change, it is because certain aspects of their own are not satisfied, then you decide, “can not go on like this,” or “must do again”, to pursue the hearts of a higher goal. Passive or active, power to change so there is a big difference.

Changes in motivation, there is issue-based, but also based advantage. Based on changes in question are often plagued by a problem, change the purpose of a “cure.” If you just focus on the symptoms of the problem, change efforts might stop at the “stop-gap”, limited to “adopted piecemeal” passive response. The advantage based on change, although it may also troubled by the problem originated, but change the purpose, but it is set up in a field leading to the advantage of others the ability to grasp the initiative and the opportunity to win the competition and development. Different purposes, determines the direction and level of effort, and even distinct existence.

Motivation to change, there are based on the status quo, but also based on vision. Change the status quo on the one hand, a similar issue-based change, to make up for deficiencies of certain aspects, it is difficult to achieve leapfrog development; the other hand, almost always tinkering, you can not foresee what he is like tomorrow. The change vision based not only know where to go, but also know how to go, you have a step by step, targets and measures. Different standpoint, you grasp the future and therefore different.

While there may be many motivations change, but the results change has only two properties:

You will more than yesterday, “a little better.” This is of course cause for rejoicing, but in this era requires speed, you have to change to keep up with the competition frequency, otherwise your opponent will grow faster than you.

Or, you will reborn changes. Such changes as the pupa, allows you to achieve development across into a wider world.

Quantitative qualitative change can produce, provided that all the quantitative point qualitative change direction. “Reborn” may not happen overnight, but that all changes should point to this goal. So, you plan the new year, there is no let themselves “reborn” change? Or is that not every change point to the “reborn”?