See this topic, many people will shake their heads: Feather Flag manufacturer’s ultimate customer is the consumer, of course! However, the view in this paper is the opposite: the Feather Flag manufacturer’s ultimate customer is only dealers. Establish a new point of view, for most Feather Flag manufacturers is concerned, a very far-reaching significance and cognitive value.

For a long time, Feather Flag manufacturers regarded as ultimate consumer customers, the dealers as a channel that is a transit point, the results of their marketing front becomes longer, from the dealer to the second groups and even the three batches of business, four batches providers, to retailers, to consumers.

From online advertising planning, communication, communication, the next line of various sales promotion and incentive, deeper and deeper into the “marketing trap.” That there has been such a strange phenomenon, on the one hand because the Feather Flag manufacturer profits are being swallowed “variety” of marketing and complain incessantly; the one hand, the marketing consultants out increasingly complex “prescription”, involving dozens of aspects of the “complete marketing system.

”Since marketing no “border”, the Feather Flag manufacturer has been unable to resist the endless stream of marketing services: policy development around channels, customer intelligence consolidate maintenance of the distribution system set up, orders, etc. will be held around the end of the packaging, special displays, shopping guide, etc., around consumption by education, guidance, free to experience and try.

Marketing experts in marketing theory among themselves “comprehensive” and “systemic” Competition in the proposed integration and systems marketing tools, people seem very reasonable, but the operation is more difficult, even if the enterprise a versatile, can all join together to “execute”, the result is less investment and more output, more and more enterprise resource depletion.

All this, on the surface appears to be the Feather Flag manufacturer’s marketing and management are not comprehensive, systematic, fine, need “a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment”, and then continue to enhance the so-called “static product sales force,” “brand influence”, “price temptation” “dissemination of pulling power”, “promotions to stimulate power”, “public relations support force”, “force distribution coverage,” “terminal Recommend force” and “service guarantee power”, “personal selling power” …… In fact, if the Feather Flag manufacturer does not recognize their ultimate customer, the ability to upgrade lose objects, mess, exhausted life, deplete resources are fruitless.

Enterprises, “border” clear ultimate customer

Practice problems plagued the Feather Flag manufacturer, in fact, the marketing guru who has studied marketing theory from the 4P (product, price, place, promotion) to the development 4C (consumers, cost, convenience, communication), 4R (association, reaction, relationship return), 4V (differentiation, functionality, added value, resonance), from these changes, we can draw the following conclusions:

Shift from competition-oriented customer-oriented;

Depth from customer orientation to the enterprise and customer interaction-oriented;

From the customer interaction and then down to the business needs of customers and businesses to grasp the difference resonate with customers up, and then requires companies flexible product features, added-value;

Return to emphasize is the source of marketing, enterprise and customer must win;

Emphasize core competitiveness construction process is the process of marketing companies for customer service, not only to open the market, but also to the formation of barriers (ie it is necessary to open the canal, but also to build the Great Wall), companies to give customers have a unique product or service companies to give customers more value or additional value, or value-added services.

From 4P to 4C, 4R, 4V, consumer concept gradually been replaced by the concept of the customer, and to emphasize is the enterprise should have done. Although, 4R, 4V is no clear “actions” of the specific object, or that there is no clear customer who specifically, but as a Feather Flag manufacturer, we have our own responsibility to find our true object. I think that today for Feather Flag manufacturers, the most important thing is the clear “actions” after, to set up a “boundary” for their ?? clear their ultimate customers. Do not mistake the “actions” of the object, distracted, money and attention.

In fact, each Feather Flag manufacturer’s resources are very limited, we must take into account the dealers, but also to the benefit of the second groups, three batches, retail outlets and different levels of consumers, which is according to Gubuguolai, but also a violation of the division of the marketing chain in principle. Advocacy approach is needed: Feather Flag manufacturers service dealers, dealer service reseller (second installment, batches) and retailers, consumers. Here, the downstream business at every level, are upstream of the “ultimate customer.”

So, it is not the Feather Flag manufacturer is not required to take into account consumer acceptance of the product out? Depending on the dealer as “the ultimate customer” is not a product sold to dealers as long as you can no matter what? The answer is no. Feather Flag manufacturers to dealers as the “ultimate customer”, but also to emphasize their products and services to meet each other’s “needs and desires,” to someone to buy, you want to lower the “cost”, to “function” and “added-value “and there is” return. ”

After the establishment of such a new point of view, the biggest benefit is the Feather Flag manufacturer of the marketing efforts, “early”, and that more emphasis on differentiation, uniqueness, value-added products and services, which was originally Feather Flag manufacturer fair share of things, is to create Suppliers five fingers enough to get a place, through the efforts can do well. Conversely, if the Feather Flag manufacturer is not trying hard, but in the marketing of “continuous stretch” until the dealer to do “full-time nanny” for the second installment, three batches do “part-time” for the retailers do “permanent” , with predictable results.

However, many Feather Flag manufacturers will ask the question: You do not “extend” the people in the “extended”, your product can be consigned to limbo. In fact, the extension is the marketing force dispersed without extension does not invest, do not contribute, but to use force to place, with the right people, more focused, more polymerization.

Our practice

When the letter and the company and distributors to implement marketing programs in 2007, it is doing:

First, ensure good sales, selling, FMCG, long pin, pin valuable. Where bad marketing, giving exchange; and where the impact of the long pin (such as dumping, spanned these goods, etc.), unflinchingly resolute Treatment; where no value sales (over the cost of sales, Feather Flag manufacturers are no profit sales) , not hesitate to give up.

Second is to strengthen the product itself is associated with the target consumers. As for both traditional and fashion products paste, PET herbal tea, employ “Super Girl” host Wang Han do the spokesperson, and the image used on the packaging, so that a close association with the fashion people and products. At the same time, the decision of the terminal cost more investment to the dealer, the dealer and regional managers to develop plans put in, after the company confirmed to perform.

Third, the refinement of the dealer incentives. Not simply from the sales incentives, but also it includes the establishment of distribution channels, retail terminal control, new promotional and market information feedback. By “guide”, to encourage dealers to the original Feather Flag manufacturers are doing and not doing the terminal marketing business so deep, painstaking, so that bit. Meanwhile, the auto classified management, stressing that “one to one” service, through constant guidance, assessment and selection, the dealers into ordinary customers, winning customers, super customer, Bronze customers Silver customers Gold customers, Diamonds Customer and give different service levels for different customers. For example, the chairman is responsible for customer service diamond, gold, general manager in charge of customer service. With the customer’s classification, the market has been incorporated into the corresponding classification management, tilt valuable market investments and ensure better and better; for worthless, low-value market, reduced or terminated inputs (implementation of shock therapy), avoid waste of resources.

Chih-chung and companies in the communication and cooperation programs with the dealer, both sides believe that in today’s society is a society increasingly fine division of labor, every business has its “boundaries.” When Feather Flag manufacturers to dealers as the “ultimate customer”, that showed retailers (including the second installment, three batches) is the dealer’s “ultimate customer”, retailers and consumers is the “ultimate customer.” When the Feather Flag manufacturers, distributors, retailers, complementary advantages, with the division of labor, optimize cooperation, our marketing efforts would surely create a completely new situation.